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When someone falls deeply in love with a fictional character they have projected onto a real person. A type of infatuation often specific to people with high standards and romantic ideals.
Person 1: OMG Justin Bieber is perfect! I'm in love with him!
Person 2: No hun, you have an apollonian crush on Justin Bieber. Since all the boys at this middle school are below your standards, you have projected your idea of an ideal romantic partner onto a person you will hopefully never meet.
by 0_____._____0 October 08, 2014
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Usually used to refer to a celebrity crush. A kind of infatuation taken to the next level - where the person you have a crush on is mostly made up but associated with someone real. Called an Apollonian crush because of the Apollonian temperament which is a thing. People of this temperament are apparently responsible for about 90% of the world's Apollonian crushes. The term was probably coined by someone on reddit.
George has a huge crush on Laura. He likes to dream about the two of them going for long walks on the beach and laughing while talking about old English literature. Unfortunately, Laura hates the beach, and the only reason George thinks she likes old English literature is because she mentioned Shakespeare once. Luckily George's little Apollonian crush will never reach the awkward phase where he gets completely disillusioned and heartbroken when he realizes Laura isn't at all who he thinks she is. They will both go about their daily lives: George having the perfect relationship with her in his head and Laura having no idea he even likes her.
by HSPlife January 02, 2015
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