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Cats that start worldwide disaster by wasting all the metal by eating cat food and they eat all the fish so no more marine life and they kill all the rats and mice so there is too many mousetraps and cheese then the humans tred on the moustraps and die and the cats drink all the milk so the cows have to boost production and they get so tired that they die and they are being led by a Cat-aclysmic Cat.
Cat lover: I have 100 Apocalyptic cats and a Cat-aclysmic Cat
Cat hater: Finally! My cat cannon will come in use!
Cat lover: Hey what?? NO!
Cat hater: Yes! They will start apocalypse!
Cat lover: They are my cats, you can't do anything about them.
Cat hater: World War III! Prepare to die sucker!
by Horse Power January 02, 2017
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