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1. unwilling or unable to associate in a normal or friendly way with other people due to preoccupation with social networking via smartphone, computer, or any other technology.

acronym ASN.
A person who is surrounded by friends at a bar or restaurant, but is on their smartphone checking their twitter feed or other peoples Facebook updates rather than socializing with the people present: Oh don't worry about Liz joining the conversation at dinner she is Anti-Social Networking as usual.
by fakelamarodom December 28, 2011
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Using a social networking web site or service to connect to other people but never communicating with those people once they have been established as a connection.
I can't believe it... we haven't spoken to Randy since high school. He added us as friends on Facebook but never responds to any of our messages. He has over 100 friends but we've never even seen him post a comment. Talk about antisocial networking!
by Jeremy Wasser March 18, 2008
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A term used to describe people who rarely, if ever visit social networking sites because they have better things to do with their time. They limit their activity to 30 minutes a day. They avoid habits like changing their profile picture daily and putting every thought they have on Twitter. Most don't have an Instagram account, but the few that do avoid uploading pictures that make it seem like they're showing off.
Janet: You've only posted on the News Feed twice this whole month. What's up with that?

Mike: I'm antisocial networking.

Janet: I'm impressed.
by 2014_chiguy September 19, 2013
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The Liberal media censoring web blogs so that only their
socialist agenda is presented. Democrats feeble attempt to brainwash the populous into their twisted way of thinking.
AOL is part of the current the present administrations antisocial networking.
by NCKnobster May 20, 2011
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Actively avoiding or severing connections on social networking sites to avoid your friend's connections.
Once I realized what a bitch Chuck's wife is, I took him off my friends list. I like the guy, but a little anti-social networking is easier than dealing with her.
by Jake4f March 15, 2009
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A term for connecting with somebody via a social network or other form of online communication when they are in the same vicinity, usually the same room.
An example of antisocial networking:

Facebook friend 1: hai

Facebook friend 2: greetings

Facebook friend 1: i feel antisocial

Facebook friend 2: ya rly
by SwimSquirrel July 26, 2010
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