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A sociopath or psychopath who is open about their personality disorder & views themself as superhuman or divine for their lack of empathy.
They are different than covert sociopaths who pretend to be good people, or pro-social sociopaths who are open about their personality disorder but choose to live honest lives.
Anti-Social supremacists view empathetic people as subhuman & believe people with empathy should either kill themselves or bow down to them.

A-S supremacists can be found relatively easy on the internet, such as on troll sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica or the Cringe Channel.

Anti-Social Supremacists will argue that because many politicians, bankers, lawyers, doctors, & rich people are psychopaths that means psychopaths are the good guys & empathetic people are scum. They will ask you what your morals & feelings have ever gotten you. They will say that psychopaths contribute to society by getting rich & powerful.
While pro-social or covert sociopaths may look at genocide or man-made atrocities & pretend to have moral outrage , a sociopath supremacist will openly say those victims had it coming for being weak & vulnerable & it was up to the strong men in power to put them in their place.
They are in other words, the most hardcore social darwinists you will ever run into.

Though not all anti-social supremacists are sociopaths themselves. Some of them can just be {narcissists, borderline/wannabe sociopaths, 13 year old boys, or just dumb people.
this guy isnt just a sociopath, hes a anti-social supremacist!

Are there any encyclopedia dramatica trolls who arent anti social supremacists?

Liberals: black supremacists
Conservatives: white supremacists
Libertarians: anti social supremacists
by DarthVegetaX October 11, 2015
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