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A group, with origins in Tulsa,OK basing their lives off hate for those who call themselves juggalos. This group consists of grown men, beating down 15-16 year old clown kids. While most juggalos are on hold, awaiting a large scale retaliation, there are those who turn a blind eye. The most educated wording towards juggalos I have ever heard, was our twist on the golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated, but don't take any shit either. Is there any questions to what should take place?I don't think I could spell it any clearer.
guy 1- Hey have you heard of those punks in the Anti Juggalo League of Tulsa?
guy 2- Hell yeah, let's kill those motha fackoz.
by KillaWitAMission April 12, 2009
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