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A former narutard who appearently gets off on writing scathing reviews of a site such as Ninpocho that probably banhammered him for bad behavior and troublemaking, he is true to his name in trying to raise Hell because he has a personal vendetta against a site that decided it was too good for him.

Probably an emo kid who cries himself to sleep as he holds the bandage to his arm after cutting himself to feel anything at all, Anonymous Hellraiser clearly doesn't understand the fine line between enjoying creative writing and pretend, and decided to get hateful when someone made that line clear to him.

Member of NC 1: Hey, did you see that entry written by Anonymous Hellraiser?
Member of NC 2: Yeah, that arrogant prick probably wrote it because he wishes he could still play and compensates for his poor writing skills by trying to publically trash a website's credibility when he doesn't know how to deal with his childish anger.
by Sagitta Magica November 15, 2007
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