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The proper name for the brand of humor used by chantards and anime convention goers. Anime convention humor consists of:

-Heavy usage and abuse of the words "fail", "epic" and "win"
-Even heavier usage of overused memes from 2004-2006 such as "pedobear", "trollface" and "u jelly/mad?"
-Improper use of the late-80s early-90s term "troll"
-Using the "Awesome.jpg" emoticon from the SomethingAwful forums

The people who use this brand of humor or think it's funny are generally those who have discovered 4chan within the past year or two and feel the need to regurgitate everything they see on the site in order to fit in or to pretend that they are funny regardless of the originality of the content.
Examples of Anime Convention Humor:

Chantard 1: Haha that was so epic win lulz!
Chantard 2: Yeah pedobear for the win epic lulz all around!!
14-year old female anime fan: Haha trollface.jpg!!!!
Chantard 1 and 2: TITS OR GTFO EPIC WIN LULZ!!!
by 9/11Truther1994_Impeach_Obama December 13, 2010
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