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Though I'm sure you don't wanna know, an angry dragon is a sexual act performed by those who obviously have had some mental damage at some point in their lives. The "Angry Red Dragon" is spoken about by teenagers in hushed voices, and disgusted tones somewhere in the school yard. Its simply that disgusting, that if you haven't heard of it, you are very lucky.

I know i know...So what is it?

Okay i'll tell you.
Well, when a girl is on her...ahem...menstruation cycle (for all the dumb shits, her periods...) the male in the situation (it is possible he may not be a male) would proceed in sucking (thats right, sucking.) the period from the opening in the vagina from which it exits.

No, i did not make this up. Its real. And if you have done it, please go see a psychologist.
Jimmy Sickfuck: "Hey Jenny, lets have sex!"
Jenny Slutface: "Oh Jimmy, i can't! I have my period!"
Jimmy Sickfuck: "Jenny! Lets do the Angry Red Dragon!"
Jenny Slutface: "Whats that?"
Jimmy Sickfuck: "Let me show you..."
Jenny Slutface: "Oh Jimmy, thats amazing! And now my period's only gonna go for one day!"
Jimmy Sickfuck: "Do you have a straw?"
by Abbey-Bitch July 03, 2010
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