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The Angry Muzzeldini is bascially a mix between the muzzel loader, the houdini and an angry pirate. In order for an Angry Muzzeldini to be executed perfectly the perpitrator will need a can of dip (Skoal, grizzly or coppenhagen for best results) a friend and a bitch who'll take it in the pooper. Whilst fucking a girl with a nice pinch in your mouth you will scoop out the dip and procede to place the dip on the inside rim of her asshole. At this point you will pull out and let your friend who was hiding in the closet come out and push the dip into her anus with his dick. Next you will need to run outside and knock on the window to show the girl that you are no longer the one fucking her. Your friend will finally pull out, and once she turns around to see who is actually fucking her, will nutt in her eye followed by a swift kick to the shin. The end result is a girl with tobacco in her ass, being fucked by a stranger whilst looking like a pirate.
Dude Hannah freaked the fuck out when Jack and I pulled off the Angry Muzzeldini
by AdamJamoWill October 09, 2011
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