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This is the purest form of semen which is extracted from the highest choir of angels. Typically, angel semen is milked from an angel and then served on top of angel food cake. Many cultures consider angel semen to be delicacy and is generally fit only for Kings, Furors and Kim Jong Il.
I had the best angel semen last night. I shared it with all of my friends. It wasn't gay though, because angels are straight pimps.
by doctorjerkballs January 04, 2012
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An alcoholic drink consisting of Rum-Chata mixed with A&W Root Beer with surprisingly good results. The measurements for ratio of each consists of either half and half or one third Rum-Chata and two thirds A&W Root Beer.
Dennis gave me a solo cup with angel semen in it, to my surprise it was pretty heavenly.
by Primemortals June 19, 2016
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