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Literally 'Redhead penis', this is a Singaporean English & Malay English term for a European Penis or Christian Penis. In the Malay Archipelago, the North European Penis is smallest & falls in the global e'X'tra-'S'mall category, as a result of the operation of Allen's Rule & generation-long adherence to the pro-alcohol & anti-sexual dictates of the fanatical cult of Christianity. Thus, it measures below the Buddhist-Taoist Chinese Penis, which is one step larger due to Taoist & Buddhist sex practises. The latter in turn ranks below the circumcised Muslim Malay Penis, while the Black Tamilian Penis is of course largest.

The traditional Hokkien & Malay stereotype of Europoid microphallism is reinforced by Christian-Western beliefs themselves. Thus, the Celtic Penis is considered tiny across the Anglosphere, as illustrated in Ginger Jokes, Martin Casella's Broadway play 'The Irish Curse' & the Cathy-Chuckie scene in 'Good Will Hunting' (1997). Meanwhile, on the Continent the British Penis itself is ridiculed, French Jokes mocking the inferior size of the English Penis. Asiatic cultures have simply adopted these stereotypes & projected them onto all Europeans.

Indeed, the tapering & conical 'baby carrot' shape of the diminutive European Penis is the reason the Japanese term it 'dog penis'. This is also the reason for the European preference for anal 'Greek Love' or the 'Irish Way', & underlies the Christian craze for alcohol.
1) Ah Chong: Why did Ah Lian become Sarong Party Girl ar? She running after dat Ang Moh lah!
Ah Huey: Don't worry lah! She just materialistic gold digger mah! Once she spend all his money, she leave his
dog-like Ang Moh Penis & come back to strong Chinese Penis for sure!

2) SPG: Alamak! Look at that handsome Ang Moh lah!
Ah Lian: Yeah, but you know they all got dam small Ang Moh Penis lah!

3) Jack Hamilton: When I pulled down my pants Ah Lian laughed because all I have is a tiny Ang Moh Penis.

4) Ah Chong: Steve, do you need tweezers to play with your little Ang Moh Penis?

5) Ah Lian: Is it true all your Ang Moh men have small Ang Moh Penis?
Susan Hill: Yes of course! It's called the White Man's Curse, & that's why they are all so addicted to alcohol!
And that's why European & American men keep starting new wars all over the world! It's because of their Small Penis Complex!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 10, 2012
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