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Amazingly talented actor who plays many quirky roles, wears all sorts of hats and odd clothing combonation both on the screen and off, has a delicious accent that makes your insides turn to goop, and is ridiculously adorable and incredibly sexy all at once.
Andrew Lee Potts is the strangely helpful guy who looks out for you even when you expect him to do the opposite, the more you get to know him the more you realize he's sexy and caring despite what he seems on the surface. (Hatter in Syfy's Alice).

Geek-chic scientist, Andrew Lee Potts, doesn't usually know what he's doing but makes everything work out in the end, making himself look even more like an adorable teddy bear (Connor in Itv's Primeval).
by AliceDownTheRabbitHole April 03, 2010
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