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an incredibly intelligent male of the human population. he is also a kung fu master who has amazing stealth skills and is able to knock out school security guards in a matter of seconds. However, never ask him to babysit because is incapable of actually watching the children. This person is also a multi-millionaire due to his award winning "Above The Influence" commercial showing how teenagers need to breakaway from their friends and be able to pick their own dates for homecoming. A person with this name is an incredibly awkward dancer, which bothers some people who don't find Asians attractive. He is also an acclaimed Olympic Summersaulting coach of the gold medalist, Bre Snyder. His wikipedia link is currently under construction but is sure to be working soon, and listed in his commercial. He enjoys long IM conversations with Bre Snyder. His hobbies include slow texting, awkward moments, and getting beat up emotionally by his dearest friends! If you don't know this person, you are clearly missing out.
Jet Lee, Andrew Fleming
by Squirt_65 September 06, 2008
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