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Coming from the state of New Hampshire, this group of guys is a force to be reckoned with. With artistic guitar work by their two guitarists; MS and Dave Peart, backed by the assaulting beat on the drums by D.Frazier, nothing will stand in Anderson Lane’s way on their journey to recognition.

Dave Peart-Guitar
Josh Peart-Keyboards
Mike Heintz-Bass
Dude did you go to the dance?
Ya and Anderson Lane was there
by Hoodsville October 28, 2009
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Anderson Lane is a Post-Hardcore band originating from North Haverhill, NH.

David Peart- vocals, guitar
Michael McNamara- guitar
Joshua Peart-bass, vocals
Dylan Frazier- drums, death growl
"Yo dude, did you hear that band tearing up that show last night?"
"Yeah man, that was Anderson Lane!"
by ALfan October 03, 2011
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