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Born and raised in Anderson County, SC and will stay in Anderson County until they die. They attend Anderson University, majoring in elementary education, R.N. or cosmetology while husband hunting. Often impregnated and married by the age of twenty-one. They go on to become a homemaker and waste their education. This particular breed of females love big tacky beaded jewelry, polka dots, and embroider their initials on to everything they own. Typically over weight because they are too pretty exercise and any form of exercise will mess up their clown make-up. They wear their hair stick straight in a bob cut or make their hair crunchy with gel. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter one, my advice to you, is to run the other way.
I wish I could tell you what that Anderson Girl just said, but I don't speak red-neck.
by clever pseudonym92 July 13, 2011
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