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A breif, violent fart.

"I say Jeeves! What was that odd, abrupt sound followed by that queer smell?"
"Teribly sorry, Sir, I just had an Anal Sneeze!"
by Snave Nareik June 16, 2008
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well, an anal sneeze is when youre minding your own business, and all of a sudden you hear a gurgling noise come from your anus. this is usually followed by a changing of the pants or a wiping of the ass.
mike: hey dude wats up?
joe: nothing, leave me alone im minding my own business.
mike: ok. asshole.
joe: *minding own business* *flatuation*
mike: dude, did you just have an anal sneeze?
joe: fuck.
by ten inch steel September 05, 2011
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