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Anal Meninges, derived from the french word Anoose, meaning bottom; and "Men-In-Cages" meaning sexy times. Anal meninges were first discovered in Ottawa in 2008 during a routine rectal exam. This ailment has found to affect men and women from the ages of 18-62. Found largely in men it presents itself with symptoms similar to syphilis. Allowed to run uncheck Anal Meninges will fully develop into its full form which includes:

-a milky discharge from the nose,
-bloody fingernails,
-the inability to speak using vowels,
-and general cluster fuckation.

Women will also find the symptom deemed "child-birth" to be quite common. In late January 2009, Anal Meninges was found to have jumped to horses when a horse at Mt. Ste Anne was seen "losing his shit" and stomped an elderly midget to death. Treatments for Anal Meninges are still being looked at, but so far nothing has been found. The only options for people affected by this ailment should do the following;
- try not to look up
-invest in some type of diaper
-wear a toque under a hat
-apply ointment to testicles.In the unlikely event that testicles are not present, apply liberally to shoulders due to the similarity in biology.
-shake, and then proceed to bake.
-park at stop signs for 2-3 hours.
-try not to look down.

The lack of funding for the Research of Fundings For Anal Meninges has caused this disease to run un-checked. If you have seen anyone with the following symptoms please consult a physician, or a priest, or someone who has strong opinions;
-talking in circles
-frothing at the chin
- suffering from allansmumsawhore -15%-35% increase in anal leakage
-using douche as shaving cream
-waiting in line
-flatulating bloodily
-starting sentences backwards
-unusually large sideburns extending to the waist
-pretending to be Jose Conseco
-Pulling a door clearly marked "Push"
-A cluster, best described as "broccoli-like", forming on the rectum
-wearing tapered pants
-refuting the existence of anal meninges

THIS HAS BEEN DEEMED HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS, do not approach anyone with these symptoms, they will go Jackie Chan on your ass.
Allan's mother has a bad case of anal meninges, take a look at that
by Dr. Die Lawn March 08, 2009
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