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An anal clover is the luckiest damn anal hole your penis can ever poke! You'll never get a poop dick from a anal clover! Just jump in that clover field and butt fuck with any slut!
Bro1: Yo dude you get that anal clover last night?
Bro 2: Yeah man i got lucky!

Girl 1: Girl you're so lucky!
Girl 2: Why is that?
Girl 3: Girl you know why, all the boys want that anal clover you got hiding!


Guy 1: Maaaaan my girl got the best anal clover around!!!!!!
Guy 2: Duuuude, I know!!!!
Guy 3: Ohhhh damn he tried out your girls anal clover bro!
Guy 1: Maaaan that's wrong, you need to go find your own anal clover bro!
by micropenis jimmypenis brokedic October 18, 2014
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