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Definition 1: Fans of the Chinese American author Amy Tan, who wrote the inspiring bestselling fiction novel 'The Joy Luck Club', about a group of beautiful, gentle Asian women finding love and happiness by leaving their uncaring, abusive Asian male partners to find and marry the dashing White men who love and deserve them.

Definition 2: Asian Females coupled with White Males, in romantic or sexual relationships. Sometimes known as WMAF, Asian Fetish, or Yellow Fever.
Example 1: 'The Joy Luck Club' inspires me! I can't wait for a dashing White knight to come rescue me from my strict Asian parents. I'm definitely a part of the Amy Tan Fan Club! She really changed my life.

Example 2: I only date White men. I don't care that I'm Asian - I never date shitty Asian men. ATFC for life!
by Smiling Tiger June 25, 2017
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