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An Amish Donut is a sexual act in which a male inserts his scruffy chin into the anus of another person and uses his beard to plow the rectal fields of their partner.
An Amish Donut can be served with or without cream filling, and receives the suffix "with sprinkles" when the act is performed between two men. Spouting Dutch nonsense is not required, but accepted.
Last night Ezekiel wanted to make out after he gave me an Amish Donut, but I made him shave his chin first.
by Amish Donut July 14, 2014
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After you build your own bed, she jerks you off like she's churning butter, right before you shoot a load in her fart box. Amen.
Miss Julie says if I build her a barn, I'll get an Amish Donut for all my hard work later.

Was about to tongue punch her fart box, when I realized somebody had already given her an Amish Donut. Couldn't quite figure out how this new bed got here, until I witnessed the donut.
by PhuggedUpPham October 10, 2018
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