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Tennage American boy who obsesses over any thing soccer related (may even call it fútbol). This includes FIFA as their video game of choice... A chino wanker will obsess over the game, play all the time, learn all the players and even adopt a British accent.
An American chino wanker can most easily be recognized by the overuse and misuse of the word banter (it will sound like 'banta' because of their newly found British accent).
This type of person probably thinks they're better and acts macho and strong to prove it.
Either a fan of pop music (like Beyoncé) or singer/songwriter (like Ed sheeran)
Most likely will be wearing low or no socks with vans or old nikes
Wears shorter shorts and occasionally chinos, but not as much as a typical chino wanker. This type of chino wanker is primarily found in the states which is why it is specific to Americans.
Lastly, these boys are likely to have tiny dicks, as do regular chino wankers
friend 1: dude shut up, quit being such a dick
friend 2: chill, it's just banter... Let's play some FIFA! I'll kick your ass
friend 1: you're such an American chino wanker
by Daniel_casp July 13, 2015
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