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A statement or phrase used saying that most north americans (partically USA) argue and vicker over the dominate nationality when in actuality most nationalities in north america are actually mixed with one or more different nationalities. this bringing more "blood test" to see what all lies in the blood of many americans. it has been said and proven many african slaves and cacausian slave drivers, slept with each other in secrecy. condoms were not invented back then so the african or cacausian women would bare a mulatto child. as the years past more and more interracial fornication began happening not just between africans and cacausins, but also with asians, hispanics, italians, dominicans, hebrews, etc... leading up to the here now refered to the (north) american mixpot.
Betty lou: i dont know jamal, pa would be awfully sore if he found out about us sleeping together.

Jamal: i dont see why, snow bunnie? he may have a little afaican in him too. after all who knows since our country is known as the american mixpot.

Betty lou: your right, come here chocolate bear.
by T-Dwick August 15, 2009
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