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Amelia Susfulk is now the name of a paint brand. Its nickname is known as "Whore Red" The paint isn't very bright, but its cheap & easy to spread. Believe it or not, Amelia Susfulk used to be the name brand for a new Oreo flavor. The nickname being known as, "Whoreo" unfortunately the new flavor didn't stick around for very long because apparently nobody likes the taste of dirty fish in their Oreo. The nickname for the Oreos, however, did indeed stick around as well as the herpes, and 15 other different types of sexually transmitted diseases. As for today, the Amelia Susfulk 'Hoe In A Can' paint, as I like to call it, is still being sold to pretty much anybody with a penis. For more information, please feel free to follow the company on social media. And remember, Amelia Susfulk's profile on Instagram may be set to private but her vagina surely isn't.
if dicks had wing we could for sure make her the name of a very busy airport.
FUN FACT: Amelia Susfulk's spit was once accepted into a sperm bank because of all the sucking of dick she does
by Unknown123456789jhsgzs May 18, 2018
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