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You have an idea, you 'put it out there' for the world to hear or see or read on the internet, proud that you have thought of something that no one else has noticed before, you're sharp, you're tuned in and you wait for the adoration of the masses when they asses your idea and say 'wow.. you're right... that's amazing!'
...... but sadly what has actually happened is you have said something incredibly dumb, and someone is just about to point it out to you very publicly, THIS is you Ambiwlans Moment.

See the word 'Ambiwlans' for the first Ambiwlans Moment from the legendary JamesTigerWoods
Steve - I've an idea for making cars more efficient with battery power... when I was a kid my lights on my bike were powered by a dynamo which was rested on the tyre, in a less crude way couldn't this work on your car?

Ben - You mean like the alternator?
Con - Nice ambiwlans moment Steve!
by Conian September 21, 2010
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