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Ambassador negro refers to a black person who must be on his or her's best behavior when around the pale complected peoples. These negroes know that they are black, but also know to get ahead in the white devil's society they must butter the white man's rolls. The ambassador negro finds diplomatic ways to avoid dishing out ass whoopings. Of course, if all else fails the ambassador negro will proceed to dish out said ass whoopings to said white devils.

*note* Wesley Snipes , Tiger Woods and Michael Steele are not ambassador negroes. They are what one would call coons. Coons not only butter the rolls of the white devils, they shine the asses of these devils as well and have also pled blood oath allegiances to these devils.
Obama, Oprah, Condoleezza and Morgan Freeman are all examples of ambassador negroes.

Negro 1: I had to crank that ambassador negro last night!

Negro 2: I bet them crackers were loving it too!
by ilikewhitepeople February 03, 2010
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