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A beautiful girl who captivates everyone she meets, she is intelligent and fun, with a way about her that noone can explain. She has perfect dark brown hair and eyes that change colors, usually green when she's around the one who loves her unconditionally. She can render anyone speechless when she flashes her genuine smile. She's extremely passionate and caring. She makes people around her want to be their best and give her everything she desires. She loves sour cream chicken enchiladas, Lucky Charms, and Butter Pecan ice cream. She's breathtakingly beautiful, but doesn't know it. She's extremely sexy and deserves better than what she has. She completely owns my heart.
Anyone: "Who is the most beautiful person you've ever met?"

Me: "Amanda Michelle. And I'm utterly in love with her. FNA"
by iloveyouamanda February 02, 2010
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