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Smart, strong, and pretty Amahjae is awesome. She has low self esteem but no one know because that's the way she carrys herself. Don't come for her because she will use her hands or her words to protect herself. Amahjae is not fake she is one of the realist people you would know. She is the best friend you could ever have. She also has the best freind anyone could ever have. Many people like/love her but she doesn't quite know yet because she is too busy living life. Light skin but beautiful in every way. She will not let anyone disrespect herself. Amahjae is always making jokes being goofy but only to her friends.
"I think I like Amahjae but I'm not sure "
"Ow, Amahjae sure does hit hard don't mess with her"
by Perfect Picture October 13, 2016
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