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(n) A female who can not be described by words that can only be created from a 26-letter alphabet. A girl whose beauty leaves many breathless and revives the rest. An Alyssa Dillon will claim to not be perfect in every way, but deep inside she knows she does it just so that she doesn't become egotistical. You could compare an Alyssa Dillon with other women, but why embarrass them? You could find an Alyssa Dillon simply by looking for a boyfriend who knows he's the most blessed man on the face of the earth. WARNING: Upon finding her, attempt to keep your gazing to a minimum to avoid temporary blindness for extreme radiance.
This section is invalid due to the fact the only good example of an Alyssa Dillon is Alyssa Dillon
by Obviousity November 14, 2011
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