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gorgeous Disney Channel actress best known for playing the loveable Keely Teslow on Phil of the Future; 1/2 of the pop singing duo Aly and AJ; actually talented at singing, playing guitar, and writing music, unlike the other blonde Disney Channel pop singers (see Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale, who are also likeable but not so musically gifted).
Alyson Michalka and Ricky Ullman made a cute couple on POTF. Pheely for ever!
by Cecil F. November 26, 2006
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An annoying dumbass who thinks she is so great but is a terrible actress and bad singer who got into Cowbelles because she is blonde and well-known from Phil of the Future. She isn't even pretty. And that AJ with her is annoying but not as bad as her. See teenybopper. Only stupid teenyboppers will ever like her. Emphasis on STUPID.
Alyson: I'm Alyson Michalka
Me: Oh, so you are that person on Cowbelles and Phil of the Future. In both you act like a spoiled brat who thinks she is so great but that is not acting. But for the parts that weren't like that your acting is SO fake. You can't even sing but they let you because you are famous. Go die.
Alyson: (confused) I'm so stupid and bratty I have never heard anything mean before. Since everyone loves me it must actually mean something nice. Thanks gullible adoring fan, I won't give you an autograph because I am ssooooo tired of being famous (not really, but I have to pretend like it because that is what all fabulous actresses like me do.

Me: You really are everything I called you.

Alyson: Thank you, but who said you have a right to talk to me?

Me: Definitely the stupid show-offy brat part.
by Carynne No. September 29, 2006
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