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Alyma (pronounced Ah-lee-ma) is the name of my baby girl. It means, "A heart that sings and dances." It is a variation of Arabic and Hebrew and further means, "skilled in music and dancing; sea maiden." Her daddy is the Titan King so don't mess with her if you value life!

She was born on the Big Island of Hawaii and every time she smiles, she reminds you that no matter how badly you may be tortured and harassed by perverted thoughts and desires that seek to rob your righteous soul, you will get the last laugh knowing they go eternally mute in the sight of her face. She is the fulfillment of a prophetic promise of hope, justice and freedom, a true "Selah" (like her real mother).

Thank you Christ for this wonderful inspiration, the beauty of your divine rebuke and the secrets of your sovereignty.
"Alyma Joy" righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit
by The Real Mr. A-Z May 05, 2014
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