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Using in online gaming, specifically Warcraft III in one of two ways.

1. A way of tricking a n00b in to quitting the game.
2. A term meant to insult or demean a n00b after you pwn them in a game or chat room.
1. "Takes place in Warcraft III game"

Gosuplayer: I pwn you… I have so much gold I will never run out!
N00bplayer: OMFG I knew you hack!
Gosuplayer: ROFL… yes n00b I hack lol
N00bplayer: I report you for resource hack
Gosuplayer: LOLZZZZZ – Alt qq for free gold
N00bplayer has left the game
Gosuplayer is victorious

2. "Takes place in a Warcraft III chat room"

Player 1: WOW I pwnd you hard
Player 2: stfu you go lucky
Player 1: lol stupid n00b
Player 2: Hack more you hacker jew
Player 1: LMFAO!! Don’t cry n00b
Player 1: gfg fegit - Alt qq life now plz
Player 3: ROFL That noob just go pwnd hard
by mac6433 June 01, 2005
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