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1. Rare breed of teacher, native to AITE habitat. Shows similarity to a Dodo bird. In danger of extinction. Alswanger's have a unique quality of unknowingly doing stupid things.

2. Greater stupidity than facepalm. Used to express stupidity an un-mentionable level.

3. Extreme facepalm, derp.

4. A really over-complicated situation that could be summarized in two and a half seconds, but goes on for an hour.

Boy: Erm... Why does that teacher think Nickelback is a good singer?
Girl: Oh, he's an Alswanger.
Boy: Ohhh that must be why he's dryhumping the mudkipz doll.

Girl: JUS71N 81383R IS A GUY#@#!@!! MY M0M T01D M3 S0!@#!@#!@#@!
Boy: *Alswangerpalm...*


Boy: Our teacher clapped because we had a class discussion about fun rape.
Girl: He's such an Alswanger.
by LOLSKYEH December 25, 2010
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