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A parasite. Unlike barnacles or vultures this parasite is not below the surface or in the distance, but in plain site usually in front of a camera. This parasite disguises himself as a minister, but is not affiliated with any church. It can be a noun,verb or adjective. It can easily be substituted for any curse, slur or fecal description.
(noun) This Alsharpton has not apologized for the polarization during the Duke rape case, even after the girl lied and the DNA cleared them all.
by bill bill May 03, 2007
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1) Noun. A race-baiting, camera-chasing buffoon who builds a base of political support by first dividing and then galvanizing people by their racial identities.
2) Verb. The act of defining any event, even if trivial, as racially significant and biased against black people.
3) Adj. Adding a racial discrimination aspect to any person, place or event.
1) "Just because you didn't get that job doesn't mean it was racial discrimination. Don't be an Al Sharpton."
2) "That white lady just stepped on your foot by accident, bro, don't Al Sharpton everything that happens to you."
3) "We just wanted to discuss issues in the black community, but he's Al Sharptoning this discussion by making everything about white racism and black victimhood."
by FigurinOutLife September 22, 2005
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Another racist asshole who has his head shoved so far up his ass he doesn't even know what real racism is.
Al Sharpton is a joke and the world would be better off without him.
by NYC Metalhead June 21, 2006
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Another black racist pig that hides behind the term "Rev"! Shamefully calls himself a man of God but ignores what the "good" book says about lust, adultery, cursing, that a man must work in order to eat, etc...

A classic looter! Ayn Rand warned us about these types of people in Atlas Shrugged!

A socialist who is anti-capitalist and anti-american!

The only difference between David Duke and Al Sharpton is that one is accepted with open arms and the other scorned!
The "Rev" Al Sharpton will not say a thing about the social cancer known as Hip Hop but he poor-mouths about the dirty white devils.

Has the good Rev ever said anything about sin? Does he preach the true gospel or a social feel good gospel of black supremacy?

When is the last time Al boycotted the Hip Hop industry and BET?
by Chauncee Irving January 19, 2005
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A fat fucking pig blactivist who got Don Imus fired, a man who selflessly donates to charties and hospitals. He is also commonly known for his double standards and bad hair.
According to Al Sharpton, black people can mock white people freely, but white people should be exterminated.
by Gerard Cole April 12, 2007
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Obese black leader famous for supporting Tawana Brawley who claimed she was raped by police in the late 80's but was found to have lied. Sharpton claimed at one point to have a witness and other evidence but continually failed to produce any. Consequently, world opinion has concluded that he is simply a FAT NIGGER.
Al Sharpton: make that a 20-piece please. Yes I would like fries with that!
by TruthForYou August 30, 2006
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A hypocritical, racist pig that wouldn't know what a real civil rights activist was if one kicked him in the teeth. He thinks that the whole world is out to get black people and that all white people are racist. Notice that whenever anything bad happens to a black person caused by a white person Al Sharpton is always immediately on the scene! For instance, during the Duke lacrosse case, a black woman was raped by afew upperclass, white students. Therefore, in Al Sharpton's eyes, it MUST be racism! Al Sharpton only segregates groups of people even more, and adds to the problem.
Al sharpton is racist and everyone hates him.
by ja ja gabor December 03, 2007
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