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While presently enjoying a pleasant situation, or often in hindsight of any form of delight and/or entertainment, it is quite common for one to comment, "gts," a teenage slang term and accepted reference to "good times". However, why is this shortened form of the phrase only used in reference to pleasure? Why not when one experiences, for example, sexual or racist feelings? The "Alphabet Times" is a clear and obvious solution to this problem. When experiencing any feeling of any sort, "good" may be replaced with any other applicable adjective/noun/verb, and emotion can be relayed by expressing yourself in "ats" to "zts".
Alphabet Times
awesome times
best times
car-RAZAYYY times
drunken times
erotic times
fucked up times
good times (classic)
helluva times
icy times
jokes times
KKK times/ kleenexy times
lazy times
monstrous times
nimbus 2000 times
octopi times
penis times
queer times
rusty nail times
satanic times
titty times
uvula times
vaginal times
wet times
x-rated times
you+me times
zamboni times
by fatones July 21, 2010
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