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The act of standing out through your actions in a negative (i.e; stupid/foolish) way. Being deemed 'alone' and 'knowing what you are'. Being so 'alone', you eminate 'aloneness'.
Here are some examples of the words 'alone' and 'alone(ness)', and how they can be used in a sentence.

When you're at a party and you're the only one dancing, 'you are alone'. When you tell a joke and nobody laughs, 'you are alone'. When you see only one loud and crazy person in a group of sane people, 'they alone'. Just look at them, nod affirmatively, and know to yourself that--

"they know what they are.."

A lot of other things are 'alone' too. The presidential campaign 2008 is kind of 'alone' (especially McCain). President Bush is VERY 'alone'. Reality TV is 'alone' (and you all know it), and so on and so on.. By now you get the point, 'know what I am', and now share in my 'aloneness'.

Example 1: "Jerome! Would you stop bein' 'alone' with yo friends and help my ass out over here with these dishes!? That little boy 'knows what he is' with his 'aloneness'.."

Example 2: "I felt her 'aloneness' as soon as she entered the room.. 'She knows what she is', and yet she continues to be 'alone'. I just don't get it.."

(You know what you are for reading all of this. But I'm sure there is someone out there in the world who is more alone than you are. Gives ya something to think about now, does it?)
by Randy Carlos Law May 05, 2008
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