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Almost dro, is a Term used to describe a certain kind Marijuana. Although its not actually hydro grown weed, its a Slang term used. Almost dro is actually Kinebud, But has lost its potent THC levels, And does not possess its Potent smell, or fresh texture. As if it was stored for too long. Because of this loss in Quality it is priced lower then regualr Kinebud prices.

High Grade Kinebud has a very strong potent smell, If you store it in a plastic baggy, and put it in your pocket or back pack. The room or yourself well still have a very strong smell. Which is why its preferred to store in a air tight container for smell, better storage place, and the crystals that are one some buds, can stick to the sides of the container, which can be scraped and smoked.

IF you cannot identify these characteristics on your so called "Kinebud". then its either almost dro, or Kinebud that has lost its potency. Remember High grade Kinebud, can put a Pothead who Smoked for years, on cloud 9, which is really high.
you got any kindz?" , "Naw, i got this almost dro though
by Tango bravo Charlie Sierra September 10, 2010
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