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An extremely confusing, yet amazing girl. She'll pick you up with a passing glance, even if she's hurting just as much as you are, which she usually is. Not always sure of where she fits in, or where she WANTS to fit in, she can be extremely self-conscious from time to time. Some people will try to take advantage of her because they perceive her as 'weak', but deep down she's a much stronger person than people make her out to be. Sometimes a compulsive liar because of some *ahem* "trust issues" *ahem*, she'll fuck with you for a good while, and right before your gone, she'll be back. Most people will see her and immediately deem her a 'lost cause' and give up on her, but if you don't, and you stick with her and listen to her shit and give her a chance, you won't regret it. Even if people call you crazy and tell you to let her go, don't. This one is a keeper. Unlike that last slut you dated for 3 weeks until she found a weird guy with a man bun and ran away to Cali with.

Keeper Confusing Loveable CUDDLES! Amazing Sad Hurting Strong Beautiful
Random Person 1: Hey, did you meet that weird Allie Grace chick?
Random Person 2: Yeah, she seemed a little off.

RP 1: Dunno man, she was hot.

*Random Person 3 walks up*
*Bitch slaps RP 1 and 2 simultaneously*
by musicprep February 28, 2016
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