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A Mr. Allen boy that is soo tall, hot, light-skinned, adorable, plays basketball, used to have Spanish with an amazing girl that switched out to a HIGHER LEVEL, and blind to see that a girl that glances at him in the hall everyday is in need of getting to know him. She wants to be his FRIEND
BOY:*walking and walking with his head up and tall*

Girl:*in the mind*-oh man why cant you come up to me and at least wave ugh your such an Allen boy!!!

BOY:*in the mind*-hey i know her thats ___ but she wont remember me will she???

GIRL-*in the mind*- don't you remember me!!! one day i talk to you OOONNNE DAYYY!!!

BOY:*IN THE MIND*- i wonder how she is......
by nicelyknownas37 December 09, 2009
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