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All star cheerleaders do NOT cheer on sidelines and the do NOT do chants

They practice with their teams to compete in competitions (local or national) and the goal is a world championship ring

It is an all year sport with no school affiliation, they are not hoes, they are smart, they are strong, and most importantly they DO NOT do it to impress boys

There are 6 different levels and multiple age divisions for all star cheerleading. They compete with up to nearly 100 teams (at worlds/summit).

They are judged on tumbling, stunting, jumps, dance, technique, showmanship, facials, etc. they also use a spring floor (so it hurts less when they eat mat!!)

For examples:(worlds is probably best comp to look up)

Top gun: tglc, 005
Maryland twisters: reign, F5

Cheer extreme: senior elite ssx
California allstars: smoed, reckless, sr. Pink (Emma chamberlain was on that team)
Who do you cheer for?

I don’t cheer for anyone, I do all star cheerleading
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by Smooooooooooooed July 17, 2018
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Competitive cheerleading not affiliated with a school. Its sole purpose is competition locally, regionally, and nationally.
Indiana Cheer Elite, Cheer Athletics, Top Gun, New Jersey Spirit Explosion, Memphis Elite, Tampa Bay Allstars, West Coast Maverick Allstars, and Cheer Zone are all amazing allstar teams.
by HeeheeHaHa January 16, 2004
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