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Alexiah or Aleksiyah is a name of ancient Hebrew and Indo European origin. It consists of word components from the Hebrew Yizraelite culture as well as partly of Indo European origin.

Hebrew: Aleh and iahu. Aleh means ascending, raising.

iah is the Hebrew abbreviation for God's sacred name, Jehovah. Yahuwah/Yehawah in Hebrew, iah is pronounced as "Yee-yah".

Ksi = root word is Indo European: Connecting, joining. Ksi is the bridge that connects "Aleh" and "iah"
Alexiah is a name of Hebrew, Greek, and Indo European origin. It has a deep meaning to it. Beside meaning protector/defender of humanity. It also means Ascending, connecting to God It connects the mortal with the Divine. It connects humanity with God
by Alex785 June 08, 2017
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Alexiah is the baddest bitch in the game. The best friend a person can have. Pretty , nice, and athletic. You can always count on her to not do her homework but have your back. Alexiah is an amazing person.
Oh my god , she's such an Alexiah.
by Bestbaddestbitch April 16, 2017
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