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youtuber who is completely obsessed with vanilla WoW, and is constantly making an ass out of himself because he acts like he is a little child. on average, Alex has a 50/50 like/dislike ratio because he pisses off a lot of people by insulting them, or banning them from his channel/stream for different opinions or for simply not knowing things.

also look up Alexkeksual for the latest info on the war 4chan trolls unleashed on Alex Livestream, until he banned one of them. Blizzard went after Alex so he can no longer put any private server World of Warcraft content. because of this, Alex decided to making videos by talking about WoW instead since he cannot live without it. As a result of fearing the shut down his channel with 23k subs (as of 3/21/18), Alex made all his old videos private.

Alex is also infamous for trying to gank a level 17 Night Elf Hunter named Trax when Alex was level 25 Tauren Druid named Kezzik, on what looked like to be an Elysium server at the time. Unfortunately for Alex, the Hunter was skilled for PvP & was recording his leveling adventure. the Hunter managed to win the battle, after which Alex became the laughing stock of the vanilla WoW private server community.

Ever since this ganking gone wrong incident, trolls keep commenting with "Level 17 hunter" in each one of Alex latest videos. He did ban a lot of people in the past, but reseted all the bans in around Feb of 2018. but even after that, Alex manages to keep banning more.
*Alexensual makes a video on youtube*

Random User: Level 17 Hunter

*comment gets upvoted*
*people come in to troll Alexensual, making fun of him*
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by Aryan Atlantean God April 03, 2018
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