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The Alexandra Hills Hotel is also known as the squeeze club, the flea pit or more commonly as 'the pit'. This fine establishment is located in the Redlands Shire, on the southeastern part of Brisbane. The Pit hosts dance parties for the youth of the Redland Shire to enjoy and can often be heard 'going off' on a Friday night. A typical crowd at The Pit can be broken down into percentages consisting of 3% of people going through a midlife crisis, 10% fat people, 15% of boys with rat tails, 10% sluts and 50% of people who think they have New Zealand accents. This leaves only a small percentage of people who are relatively normal. This figure is also representative of the population of Alexandra Hills.
Alexandra Hills Hungry Jacks
school girl 1: Hey babe, what are you going tonight?
school girl 2: I'm totes going to try and sneak into the pit
school girl 1: The Alexandra Hills Pit? Don't they like... frisk you there?
by lillymacdonald August 28, 2009
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