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Some guy who makes YouTube videos for a living. Has his own website, Known to have a shitty, tragic life but always manages to hide it with jokes, laughs, and his outgoing personality. Some middle school students are known for making extreme rumors about Alex in the past, ex. being a rapist or a pedophile. Alexander Carneiro loves making people laugh with his videos and hopes to someday become famous. You can find a lot about Alex by searching his name in many search-bars like Google. Alexander Carneiro goes by the nickname of MrStud which he got from middle school when the teachers would address him by that name. Alexander Carneiro and Andy Milonakis have been caught arguing via Stickam some years ago. Alexander Carneiro has released a YouTube video named "Bloody Mary: A Short Film" many years back which currently has about two million views. Alexander Carneiro is known to flirt with many random girls as a cure for his boredness.
Izzy: Wow, this Bloody Mary video is gay. Who is this kid?
Alex: Hi, I'm Alex.
Izzy: If you haven't been killed yet, do think you could let me do it? Like, I'd love to try and gain the last 35 secs you stole from my life!

Nikki: Ew, that kid is such a creep.
Jessica: Oh, that's just Alexander Carneiro.

(Friend requests cute female)
Jennifer: Uhm, do I know you?
Alex: Unfortunately you don't, but I'm Alexander Carneiro and I was just wondering if I could have it back?
Jennifer: Have what back?
Alex: My eye.
Jennifer: Wow, what a creeper!
by HotPocketLover February 17, 2011
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