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Alexander III of Macedon (20/21 July 356 – 10/11 June 323 BC), commonly known as Alexander the Great (Greek: Ἀλέξανδρος ὁ Μέγας, Aléxandros ho Mégasiii› from the Greek ἀλέξω alexo "to defend, help" + ἀνήρ aner "man"), was a king of Macedon, a state in northern ancient Greece. Born in Pella in 356 BC, Alexander was tutored by Aristotle until the age of 16. By the age of thirty, he had created one of the largest empires of the ancient world, stretching from the Ionian Sea to the Himalayas. He was undefeated in battle and is considered one of history's most successful commanders.
"What do you think you are, Alexander of Macedonia?". Referring to ordinary people who imagine they have talent for conquest and charisma.
"Maybe you are like Alexander of Macedonia". Referring to people who see great talent in chess wunderkinds and strategical pc games that are at an success.
by Autohn April 10, 2013
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