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Aleva is a crazy mofo. She gets all the guys, she is great at sports, and she is extremely smart. Everything about her is perfect. She does have some flaws such as being awkward or not being musically inclined. Aleva has blonde hair and blue eyes. She isn't great at everything she does, so she has to work 2x harder then everyone else. She is often getting yelled at her strict parents. Aleva is also the real Russell from UP. She's a wilderness explorer in tribe 54 sweet lodge 12 and will help assist you with anything especially if you are elderly so she can get her assisting the elderly badge and become a Senior Wilderness Explorer.
"I am a wilderness explorer tribe 54 Sweet Lodge 12. Are you in any need of assistance today?"

Whoa who's that? That is Aleva Holy Grail she's hot.
by Jonny Apple December 09, 2013
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