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A wild blue-haired creature living up in the North. This creature is known to rummage through people's garbage in Duboise looking for anything necessary food, pocket knives, etc. This creature was last seen in McDonald's asking for Big Mac's and getting whipped by car keys. It is said that this creature weighs in about 1-2 tons and you can find him usually wandering about the suburbs in Gloverville. This creature usually makes certain calls in the night for example, SMUSH Sm-uUU-SHH. One last thing if you startle this creature it might run or charge you with it's mating call you will end up dying of it's smell or the weight crushing on your body.
Josh: "Hey are we going camping tonight?"
Me: "I don't know man..."
Josh: "Why not?"
Me: "Didn't you see that biography on Alec Rupert on the history channel?"
Josh: "Oh yeah i almost forgot forget that lets play airsoft GUYS!!!"
Me: *sigh*
by JoshewahRupert12345 January 15, 2012
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