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Commonly seen on highways, it is when someone drives 10-20 kilometers above the speed limit or more, depending on how much ice is on the road.

When not driving this limit the hundreds of drivers that pass you will look at you sternly or think you are crazy for driving too slow. If you are lucky enough you may even get the highway salute. Changing lanes without checking or signalling usually coincides with driving at this speed.
"Look at that jackass driving the Alberta speed limit! No wonder my insurance is 300 dollars more a month here."

"I got to get to Tim Hortons man. I'll be driving the Alberta speed limit to beat the rush."
"Had to do that yesterday so I wasn't late for work, but an alberta road block screwed me over."

"The Alberta speed limit makes trips from Red Deer to Edmonton feel like only an hour."
"It was only an hour dumbass, you were going 140."
by The Western October 29, 2010
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