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The first Saturday of April is Albatross Day.

What is this day, you ask? Well, the Albatross, a beautiful bird that brings luck to those it chooses to follow, is a main symbol in the poem "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Iron Maiden also has a song about the poem if you are interested.

In the poem, the mariner kills the albatross that follows his ship. By choosing to kill the bird, the mariner and his crew are cursed until the day that they die, doomed to have bad luck FOREVER. The curse is a psychological and physical burden that cannot be escaped!!!!!

Ultimately, the mariner had the chance to be lucky for the rest of his life, but he fucked it up. On the first Saturday of every April, YOU have the chance to create your own luck, to find your own albatross.

"Albatross" can also be used to replace the word "luck".
Hey, are you going to the Albatross Day?

What an albatross day this is!
by bananahammockyeah March 28, 2011
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