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An Albanian Picnic is the manliest form of a picnic. It occurs in a mountainous area and includes live music, guns, manly food, and beers. The activity consists of 20-30 men eating manly food, drinking beer, listening to manly live music, while shooting guns in the air. Most of the guns have to be handguns with some rifles and one or two AK-47. The reason being is that if all the guns were AK-47 it would be considered a Terrorist Picnic and if all the guns were rifles then it would be considered a KKK Picnic. When the Albanian Picnic is over, it is customary for all the participants to go home and engage in sexual relations with their wives and or female lovers.
If you search on youtube "Picnic in Albania" you will find a real-life example of an Albanian Picnic.
by Muharrem Bajraktari January 25, 2011
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