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The Alaskan Bulldog is a sex act where a couple is going at it doggy style in a very cold area, and as the coldness of the vagina and vaginal juices freezes the dick in place. The man then rips his dick angrily out and rips the vulva out along with the loose skin around the shaft of his penis off. He then goes up to the crying woman's mouth and forces her to eat her own vulva and his dickskin all the while making loud and obnoxious barking noises at her. Then after the organs are consumed, lifts his leg and pisses in her face to mark his territory. And quickly runs off on all fours.
So I heard Sheila was given an Alaskan Bulldog by Rick, she's been crying for days!!! Serves that bitch right.
by The0ceanMan July 23, 2011
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